Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Win a FREE SPOT in our Digital Tour!

I AM ROYALTY (Digital Tour) - worldwide model search!

What started off as a contest for models to gain exposure has evolved to a powerful movement with a positive message!  I AM ROYALTY = Expressing Your Individual Beauty or Talent!!  In saying that, the I AM ROYALTY community is strong and consists of hardworking talent that understand that being Royalty is not only a title, but it is also a lifestyle!  In being able to express their individual attributes, the I AM ROYALTY individual also entails:  
  • Heavy Grinding Skills
  • Positive Thinking/Attitude
  • Business Professionalism  
  • Creative Concepts/Style
  • Ability to Stand Out or Set Trends
  • Natural Fierceness/Sexiness
  • True Representation of Royalty Magazine/I AM ROYALTY Movement

In celebration of our I AM ROYALTY movement, we will be giving away 10 FREE spots to models or artists to join our worldwide digital tour!  To claim one of these free spots, here's what you need to do:

FREE Video Submissions:

  • Like our Facebook Page @IAMROYALTYModel  AND/OR Follow us on Twitter @IAMROYALTYModel
  • Record a 30 second video introducing yourself AND telling the world why you should be the next Mr. or Mz. Royalty!
  • Post your video to our timeline (on Facebook) or tweet it to us (on twitter).  If you do not have a way to upload videos, see below for picture submissions!
  • Get at least 10 likes, comments, faves and/or tweets

FREE Picture Submissions:

  • Like our Facebook Page @IAMROYALTYModel  AND/OR Follow us on Twitter @IAMROYALTYModel
  • Post your best picture to our timeline (on Facebook) or tweet it to us (on twitter) with a few words telling the world why you should be the next Mr. or Mz. Royalty!
  • Get at least 20 likes, comments, faves and/or tweets

Be one of the first to follow the above submission rules to secure one of our FREE spots in the I AM ROYALTY digital tour!  

*The model who receives the most likes, comments, faves and/or tweets will win a $50 submission fee to our digital tour.  All other models will receive a $25 submission fee.  For more information about the I AM ROYALTY tour, please visit or click here.