Thursday, May 8, 2014


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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Issac Dawson, Aspiring Model

LUCIUS: Firstly, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

DAWSON: It’s my pleasure. Thank you for the opportunity.

LUCIUS: How are you?

DAWSON: I'm doing good. Just got back from vacation with my family from the East Coast.

LUCIUS: As far as your modeling goes, how has 2013 been in regards to making your name?

DAWSON: In regards to making my name? I would have to say not too well because Tucson, AZ isn't a best place to model. Thus far I haven't had a fighting chance to get my name out there just yet.

LUCIUS: What are you shooting for in 2014 with modeling?

DAWSON:  Honestly, I would like to do more photo shoots and build up my portfolio in 2014. I want to be well known for both my body and looks. Also, for my age of 18 I want show people that I have something that I work hard for and a goal I am actively looking to reach.

LUCIUS: What first got you into modeling?

DAWSON:  For the most part fitness is my life and helps me a lot. I wanted to try modeling because I thought I could make it. me to pursue it.

LUCIUS: In much the same vein as the last question, who got you into modeling?

DAWSON: My parents are both very good looking, especially back when they were about my age. Many other people said I should give it a try because of my face, my body, and my tattoos. That being said, I would say I got myself into it as well as others motivating me to pursue it.

LUCIUS: Is modeling a passion for you or just a hobby that you're trying out?

DAWSON: I personally want to pursue it as a passion. Everyday I work out and train to get stronger and better with my body. I do this so the photos can look unreal, if that makes sense. But I really need to shoot to promote myself all over the United States and maybe the world if I get the chance to.

LUCIUS: What model(s) inspire your craft? What about them inspired you?

DAWSON: I don't really know any models. In much the same way I don’t pay attention to a lot of them or really look at them. Unless it was a bodybuilder like Arnold back in his day. Just the fitness is impressive and how you can get the human body to look like that is admirable.

LUCIUS: What are your short term plans?

DAWSON: My short term plans are to stay fit, work out hard, build my portfolio, and try to expand my looks.

LUCIUS: And what about your long term plans?

DAWSON: Long term would still be the same as short term simply because I can’t really predict my future based on what I have now. With no one to really help me get to my future goals I will just train hard and get a sexier body.

LUCIUS: What are your hopes from this interview?

DAWSON: I can't really say that I should have high hopes mostly because my whole life I've been let down and because of situations I've been in.

LUCIUS: Any last things that you'd like to touch on?

DAWSON: I'm just waiting for the call or that email saying I’m getting a chance to be a real model. I want to be that person that people can look at and say,  "Wow. He is only this age and able to do more with his looks“. Because it feels good to know people appreciate my body for the hard work I put into it.

LUCIUS: OK, any shouts out or thank yous you want to send out there?

DAWSON: Thank you to my supporters and you for this interview.

LUCIUS: Where can people catch a glimpse of your photos and keep up with what's going on with you?

DAWSON: That's my Model Mayhem account but nothing really new. You would have to email me for new pictures if I get any or take any.

LUCIUS: Thank you again

DAWSON: Thank you for your time.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Urban Hipster

The Urban Hipster is not your typical suburban teenage tumblr hipster. This strain of hipster style trends is influenced by punk, grunge, and 90s nostalgia (although let's be real- they're still iphone and instagram addicts). The idea behind any hipster fashion trend is to be different than everyone else. Your individuality should be represented by your clothing by choosing one of a kind pieces. Urban Hipsters also tend to have body modifications such as tattoos, piercings, and colored hair.

Outfit Items
Door knocker earrings

Supreme hat

Chunky jewelry



Cat Shirt

Slouchy beanie


Some people that have influenced the Urban Hipster style are the boys from Odd Future, Kreayshawn and Grimes.

Urban Hispter culture is tied closely to music scenes. As seen above, musicians have a huge influence on this fashion style. One of the best examples of Urban Hipster style was seen at this past summer's Vans House Party concerts in Brooklyn. 

(photo credit: Laura June Kirsch)

Whether or not you're down with this style you have to admit, it's fun, colorful, and lets you express yourself in a vibrant way.