Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I AM ROYALTY (Digital Tour) - worldwide model search!

What started off as a contest for models to gain exposure has evolved to a powerful movement with a positive message!  I AM ROYALTY = Expressing Your Individual Beauty or Talent!!  In saying that, the I AM ROYALTY community is strong and consists of hardworking talent that understand that being Royalty is not only a title, but it is also a lifestyle!  In being able to express their individual attributes, the I AM ROYALTY individual also entails:  
  • Heavy Grinding Skills
  • Positive Thinking/Attitude
  • Business Professionalism  
  • Creative Concepts/Style
  • Ability to Stand Out or Set Trends
  • Natural Fierceness/Sexiness
  • True Representation of Royalty Magazine/I AM ROYALTY Movement

Are you an aspiring model or do you possess special talents?  Does your style, skills or personality make you sexy and/or stand out?  Do you light up the room with your million dollar smile?  Do you have what it takes to be the next Mr or Mz Royalty?  

Royalty Magazine is looking for the top upcoming model in your city!  Is that you?  Submit today for your chance to compete for the number one spot as well as the title of "Mr. or Mz. Royalty"!  Top models will be chosen from each city What city are you reppin'?

From online battles to radio contests to video challengesthe I AM ROYALTY digital tour will be big and we need your help to spread the word about our growing community.  In doing so, we hope to raise enough money to bring our tour to a city near your!  With a strong promotion team coupled with dedicated models and classy, irreplaceable content...the I AM ROYALTY movement will raise the bar when it comes to Global Exposure!!!  I AM ROYALTY = Expressing Your Individual Beauty or Talent.  Help Move the Vision by submitting below and/or making a donation.  

Our first stop is Seattle, WA!  Auditions for I AM ROYALTY Seattle will take place July 2105!  I AM ROYALTY Seattle winner(s) will win a spot as a promotional model during one of Seattle's biggest event..."Hempfest" (August 14-16 2015).  Plus there is an opportunity in October for a private fashion event! <<< in addition to the submission prizes mentioned below...

*Please note that this contest is open to both models and artists!

I AM ROYALTY Digital Tour
What City Are You From?

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Above Submission Fee Includes Guaranteed:

  • Spot in our I AM ROYALTY Digital Tour contest
  • Placement in an upcoming issue of Royalty Magazine
  • Radio Appearance
  • Website Features
  • Worldwide Exposure

Top models will compete for the number 1 spot as well as the official title of "Mr. or Mz. Royalty".  As an I AM ROYALTY Model, benefits include:
  • Magazine Cover Features (Royalty Magazine + The Black Pages)
  • Calendar Placement
  • Holiday Card Placement
  • Exclusive Interview or Review
  • Business and/or Career Opportunities
  • Global Exposure
  • Trophy or Medal Award
  • Tiara (ladies) or Ring (fellas)
  • Official Title of Mr. or Mz. Royalty
  • and more...