Saturday, April 18, 2015

Are You Royalty?

Royalty Magazine is looking for their next "IAMROYALTY" Model to rep your city!  Is that you?  Read the following in its entirety for complete submission instructions and how to get a FREE feature in Royalty Magazine....
Are you an aspiring model or do you possess special talents?  Does your style, skills or personality make you sexy and/or stand out?  Do you light up the room with your million dollar style?  YOU ARE ROYALTY!    

Royalty Magazine is on the search for their next upcoming model in your city/state!  As an "I AM ROYALTY" model, you will gain global exposure, an increase in network/popularity and/or generate additional business or career opportunities.     

Royalty's mission is to bring you models who define classy, creativity & uniqueness in a new light.  Beauty comes in all shapes & sizes so the objective is to reveal it in a more organic and vibrant way.  That is why Royalty loves working with fresh & seasoned talent as well as the underground hiphop community. 

Are you in need of global exposure?  How about magazine, calendar and other print features?  Looking for exclusive interviews, radio appearances & free promo material?  Get hands on experience, print publication credits and/or gig opportunities when you become an "I AM ROYALTY" model.

Additional Requirements:
*Must be at least 18 years or older
*Must submit model release form upon acceptance
*If accepted, must be able to provide high quality pictures (pref 300 dpi)
*Must help cross promote and bring brand visibility to Royalty Magazine
*Must only submit your own work and/or work that you have permission to use
Please understand that being Royalty is not only a title but it is also a lifestyle!  In being able to express individual beauty or talent, the I AM ROYALTY individual also entails:  
  • Heavy Grinding Skills
  • Positive Thinking/Attitude
  • Business Professionalism  
  • Creative Concepts/Style
  • Ability to Stand Out or Set Trends
  • Natural Fierceness/Sexiness
  • True Representation of Royalty Magazine/I AM ROYALTY Movement

***LIMITED SPACE ONLY***The #IAMROYALTY movement will be powerful because it will maximize model exposure to the fullest as well as help brand the new faces of "Royalty Magazine".  As an "I AM ROYALTY" model, this will be your chance to show the world your individual beauty or talent.
Do you want to rep your city/state as a "IAMROYALTY" Model?  To be apart of history and enter our I AM ROYALTY searchplease complete the following steps:
  • Like our Facebook page >>>
  • Post your best picture to our FB Timeline >>> @IAMROYALTYModel with the caption "I AM ROYALTY's Next Model"
  • Include Facebook/twitter link + the City/State you Rep!
  • Pay submission fee (below) >>> Enter promo code for your chance to win a copy of your feature + a gift bag!

  • IAMROYALTY Model Search (Submission Fee)
    Twitter/Website Link:

    Promo/Referral Code:

  • Wait for us to confirm your picture has been received and to provide further instructions
To help maximize every opportunity, all models who submit by April 27, 2015 will also be featured in the next issue of Royalty Magazine!  Enter promo code when paying submission fee for your chance to receive a FREE copy of your feature + a gift bag! 
*Please note that our model search is a contest.  We will select up to 2-4 additional models (female and/or male) to join our movement! 
**Why charge a submission fee?  We receive numerous emails/messages everyday, but everyone who inquiries is not serious about their career!  So on that note, we don't have time to waste promotion & features on models who are not motivated or at least willing to grind!  We are not only looking for quality models, but loyal & committed individuals who believe in our vision and are ready to work.  You also have to be confident that you are the definition of "Royalty" and are willing to invest back in yourself!  In return we will grind for you, provide cross promotion and give you a FREE Magazine feature, just for your time!

What you will receive if selected: 
*Full and/or Half Page Magazine Features
*Possible Front Cover Opportunities
*Exclusive Interviews or Review
*Radio Appearances
*Global Exposure
*Worldwide Promotion
*2016 Calendar Feature
*Catalog Feature
*Website Features
*Increase in Network/Popularity
*Build Online Buzz
*Brand Visibility
*Certificate Award or Medal
*Commission Opportunities
*Discounts on Marketing Tools (flyers, brochures, calendars, etc)
*Discounts on Gear
*Career and/or Business Opportunities