Friday, November 22, 2013

Urban Hipster

The Urban Hipster is not your typical suburban teenage tumblr hipster. This strain of hipster style trends is influenced by punk, grunge, and 90s nostalgia (although let's be real- they're still iphone and instagram addicts). The idea behind any hipster fashion trend is to be different than everyone else. Your individuality should be represented by your clothing by choosing one of a kind pieces. Urban Hipsters also tend to have body modifications such as tattoos, piercings, and colored hair.

Outfit Items
Door knocker earrings

Supreme hat

Chunky jewelry



Cat Shirt

Slouchy beanie


Some people that have influenced the Urban Hipster style are the boys from Odd Future, Kreayshawn and Grimes.

Urban Hispter culture is tied closely to music scenes. As seen above, musicians have a huge influence on this fashion style. One of the best examples of Urban Hipster style was seen at this past summer's Vans House Party concerts in Brooklyn. 

(photo credit: Laura June Kirsch)

Whether or not you're down with this style you have to admit, it's fun, colorful, and lets you express yourself in a vibrant way.

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